Design Jam 1.0

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Submission Closed. See you next year!

Submission closed on 8th April 2020, 11:59 PM IST

Before Submitting  

Your repository must be named Design-Jam-Submission and the visibility must be Public. Make sure GitHub pages are active for this repository. Make sure your repository has an index.html page. Verify all this by visiting and checking that it contains your site. You can submit your repo details as soon as the competition starts and we will consider the latest commit before the deadline for judging.

Submission Portal

Enter your GitHub name below to validate your submission. We'll automatically verify your username, repository and your site hosted on GitHub Pages for submission. Don't Worry :) You can submit now and we will consider the latest commit before the deadline for judging.

General Instructions

Hosting your site

Host the site that you have created on GitHub pages only. Name your repository for this submission as Design-Jam-Submission. Do not change the name of the repository as we have an a system to verify the existence of this repository. Your URL should be something like Our system will not accept URLs which don't follow this specific format. To know more about GitHub pages visit this page.

Judging criteria

Your website will be judged by our team in the following criteria:

Visual hierarchy :

The visual hierarchy defines the importance of an element in a design’s hierarchy, communicating to a viewer’s eyes what to focus on and in what order.

Navigation :

Navigation facilitates movement from one Web page to another Web page. It plays a crucial role in getting site visitors to view more than just the home page. 

Design and Creativity :

Visual design aims to shape and improve the user experience through considering the effects of elements and color on the usability of products and on their aesthetic appeal.  

Responsiveness :

Responsiveness is measured by how good the same website looks accross multiple devices having different dimensions and across different properties of devices.

Intuitiveness :

 Intuitive designs direct people’s attention to tasks that are important. In the end, an intuitive design focuses on experience.

Load time and performance :

Web performance is the objective measurements and the perceived user experience of load time and runtime. 



For everyone who has selected the Beginner category in the form your task is to create a personal portfolio site.  A portfolio site is a virtual interactive resume that companies can have a look at and get to know more about you. As an aspiring front-end developer, having a portfolio site is an absolute necessity. is one of our favorite portfolio sites you can have a look at for inspiration.


For everyone who has chosen the Advanced section you guys will be making a website for selling Coffee Beans.   Grab your dose of caffeine and knock us out with your research and design. Have a look at these websites we love from AppleTeslaOnePlus for inspiration.

We expect everybody to stick to the level that they initially chose and make sites relevant to their specific themes only.