August 18-19, 2018 @ Ascendas IT Park

Registrations are now closed. Thank you for your interest in YAH! 2018.
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Yet Another Hackathon! (YAH!) is a 24 hour hackathon where the brightest minds and innovative souls come together to create solutions to real problems. Held at Ascendas IT Park and conducted by the ACM Student Chapter - SVCE & the SVCE Alumni Association, this year we aim to be bigger and better than ever.

And with that in mind, we bring to you...

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But wait! What even is a hackathon?

Alright, fair point. You may not know what a hackathon is. It isn't some super scary thing that only the elite can participate in. Anyone can! You probably have a lot of questions too. Well, don't worry, we've got you covered. Read this little document we've prepared that will answer all your questions. And if you still have questions, email us at

Problem Domains

So you're in? What do you need to do? Well that's a secret. :P But these are the domains that you'll work on. We will give you a specific subdomain from these domains. For example, if the domain is Healthcare, your subdomain would be something like Healthcare from Home. If the domain was Energy, it could be Renewable Energy. Don't worry though, it'll be something you can work with for sure. :) Do check out our FAQs though. They should answer most of your questions.


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1. Online Screening Round

There's no special work needed for this round. Just fill in the registration form as usual. For the abstract, tell us about some ideas to make it safer for an individual in today's world. Note that this is not the actual problem domain. We will simply use this to judge your problem solving skills and creativity. Your Github links (Or GitLab, BitBucket or even HackerRank) will sell us on your coding proficiency. If you don't have one of those, link us to something else that you've made. Maybe an app or a website. Registrations close at 10 PM, 10th August 2018. So don't delay too much.

2. The 24-Hour Hackathon

This is the on-site hackathon taking place at Ascendas IT Park from 18th to 19th August 2018. We'll give you all the required information regarding this if you do get selected for the round. But check out our FAQ which should cover most of your questions. And remember, we'll be giving you the subdomains during the event . So don't start working on something right now. :P

Saturday, 18th August

code 10:00 AM Check-In
code 11:00 AM Welcome & Orientation
code 12:00 PM Kick-Off
code 2:00 PM Lunch
code 8:00 PM Dinner

Sunday, 19th August

code 02:00 AM Midnight Surprise
code 08:00 AM Breakfast
code 12:00 PM Hacking Stops
code 12:30 PM Judging Begins
code 4:00 PM Prize Distribution


  • help_outlineWho can participate?
    Any college-going student with a valid ID card. Engineering, Arts, doesn't matter! You'll have to register as a team though!
  • help_outlineHow much does it cost?
    Rs. 300 per person. We'll take care of all your meals & refreshments! You'll pay this only if you're selected for the on-site round. Online round is free of cost!
  • help_outlineWhat should I bring?
    Your college ID, your phone, laptop, chargers and any electronics you need. A change of clothes is also recommended along with sleeping equipment that you might want. It might get a little cold, so bring warm clothes or a blanket too.
  • help_outlineWhat shouldn't I bring?
    Drugs, alcohol, weapons of any kind. If you're unsure of it, ask us about it.
  • help_outlineWhat do I get?
    You get to meet new people with similar interests, compete to win a massive prize, have opportunities to gain internships or jobs from some cool companies, an amazing learning experience, superb swag and some awesome memories. :)
  • help_outlineHow big can my team be?
    You can have a team of 1-3 members from the same or from different institutions. We recommend having a team with a mix of design and development skills. Don't want to be all code and no talk after all. :P
  • help_outlineCan I build anything I want?
    Yes! This is an open hackathon. As long as you stay within the problem statement, you can make a webapp, a mobile app, a software, some data science project or basically anything!
  • help_outlineCan I use libraries or frameworks?
    Of course! Obviously, your final product should be something original. But no harm in using something to help you achieve that.
  • help_outlineHow will shortlisting be done?
    Our team will evaluate both your abstract to test your problem solving skills as well as your GitHub (Or GitLab or BitBucket or anything else). Based on a combination of both of these, we will shortlist teams.
  • help_outlineWhen is the last date to register?
    Registrations will close at 10 PM on 11th August. We will announce the shortlisted teams around 10 PM on 12th August. If selected, you'll be expected to make the payment before 14th August.
  • help_outlineShould I bring my own laptop?
    Yes! You will have to bring your own laptops, chargers etc. We will of course provide you with a constant power supply and WiFi.
  • help_outlineWho owns my final product?
    You do! It's completely and fully yours. You can choose to make it open source, form a new company or go to the moon! It's up to YOU!
  • help_outlineWhat about food?
    We'll be providing you with lunch & dinner on day 1 and breakfast & lunch on day 2. We'll also have a stash of snacks available for everyone throughout the day. If you're still craving food, you can always visit the Ascendas Food Court. :)
  • help_outlineWhat is the judging criteria?
    Our judges will be evaluating teams on the 3 I's - Innovation(Originality & Creativity of the idea), Implementation(Technical challenge & completeness of the project), and Impact(Business or Social Impact.)


Still got any questions or concerns? Get in touch with us:

+91 99627 54468