Training Programs

SVCE ACM is conducting training programs for 1st year students of Computer science and Information technology departments on basic coding in c, the main objective is to make the students learn the underlying logic on each code .so that they could develop their skills to figure out the most desirable solution for a given problem statement.
A total of 55 students took part in the training and Ramakrishnan.D, Balaji.B and Aloy Shine.I of SVCE- ACM trained them after college hours between 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm from 16 Sep 2014 to 31 Oct 2014
We train them by giving them a problem statement or a scenario and asking them to figure out a solution for it. The suggestions are given by each student and based given on which we rate them and make them understand how a logic is to be developed while solving a problem and then we emphasize them with the apt logic for solving the problem with a code, hence we provide them with an environment to share knowledge
The way we teach them helps them to know a lot, like different approaches in solving the same scenario and gives them a broad classification of what the problem is in the real sense
Our training is proceeding in the correct path till date and many students have moved their coding skills to the next level. We are now working on teaching them with different programming languages.

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