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Big Data 101

Keep hearing about big data everywhere? Ever wondered what it is? Want to know why and where it's used? Question no more! Read this article by Gurudutt of the newsletter team and get all your questions answered!


Meet a Real-Life Hacker!

Don't lie. You've always found the idea of hacking and hackers to be uber cool. You've probably heard of people who made thousands of dollars by hacking something. Anand Prakash is one such person. Read his story and get an introduction to the world of hacking!


How does Netflix work?

It's pretty likely that you've at least heard of Netflix. Lots of people use Netflix. Millions of people in fact. So hows does Netflix work? How does it manage to stream videos to millions of people all around the world with no noticeable delay? Read on to find out.


Security Vulnerabilities Explained

Ugh. Everyday someone or something gets hacked. People start using words like DoS! DDoS! Man-in-the-Middle Attacks! SQL Injection! What are all these words!? I know what they are. I found out after reading this article. Maybe you will too!


The Quick Guide to how Computers Work

Computers are honestly just witchcraft. At least that's what I used to think. Well this guide debunked that and gave me a little insight to how computers work. Just kidding. I already knew that. But this is still pretty interesting. And it does explain stuff. What's the harm in reading it?


The Story of Google Maps India

This is the tale of a man. A man who's responsible for saving us a lot of time. For saving Ola and Uber drivers a lot of time. A man who created something that everyone uses today. Google Maps. Personally I'd be roaming around lost in Chennai for years if it wasn't for this guy. And I'm sure a fair number of others would too.


Video in Focus: Career Opportunities in Computer Science

There are many domains in Computer Science. This is an advantage and a disadvantage due to paralysis by analysis. Forrest talks about different domains to work under such as Web Development, Desktop application development, Mobile App Development and Cybersecurity along with the required programming languages and frameworks for particular jobs.

Start Up Focus: 12th Failure to a Millionaire

Imagine a dude, just like one of us. Now imagine failing in 12th grade. Then imagine creating a company immediately after. Now imagine that the company becomes successful. Then imagine creating even more companies. Now think of a person who actually did all that. Then you have Rishabh Lawania. Read on to find out his story.